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There's more to online business than just having a website

You don't need a just website you need web-results. The problem we see everyday is that small business owners create or maintain a website because that is what they are told they need to do.

But you probably know or you will quickly find out that visitors don't magically appear. Just having a pretty website doesn't necessarily equal sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the Rescue?

So someone else recommends you start looking into hiring a Search Engine Optimization company. They say that SEO will get your site to number one on the search engines – guaranteed. In a month and you will be living large while your online business running on autopilot from huge amounts of free traffic. Unfortunately, reality sinks in and the results don't live up to your expectations. Or on the flip side your SEO company says "look you're number one on Google for [insert obscure keyword here]. What you might not know is that even though you are number one in the search – NO one searches for that phrase!

Pay per click (PPC) is sometimes just not enough.

A friend recommends you to try paid search such as Google AdWords. "You can get tons of laser targeted traffic to your website instantly and all of your problems will be solved". Sure you are paying for traffic to your website but your getting traffic! Wow! Now the sales or phone leads will start coming in.

All This Traffic And Still No Sales.

Great news, traffic on the site is really up due to the pay per click campaign you are running.. .but for some reason you're not getting any sales!

Don't Give Up... You Can Make Money.

You're not ready to give up though. You talk to your team of employees and the SEO company you hired says that "it takes time", your paid search company says it is your web designer's fault, your web designer says that the site looks great, the traffic must not be targeted and the cycle continues.

Take My Money, Please.

The problem is the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and they are both simultaneously taking money out of your pocket.

Stop the Presses!

Stop the madness, stop the presses and stop the bleeding. The first thing you need to realize is that all pieces of the puzzle must be working together towards the same common goal. We can break down the entire puzzle into two parts. Part One: Getting Traffic and Part Two: Converting Traffic into Customers. Simple isn't it?

It is Simple When Everyone Works Together...

Help is here. We have over seven years experience working the organic side (SEO) and paid search side (PPC) helping customers drive the most targeted traffic to their site. Very quickly finding out that traffic is not the holy grail of online marketing but only half of the equation. You then need a clear sales message and you must take your customers by the hand and tell them exactly what you want them to do. Whether that is a phone call, an email address or an actual transaction.

So what did we learn?

Knowing that there are two parts to a successful website and online business puts you ahead of most people right off the bat. The first key is to get quality targeted traffic either through SEM or SEO. The second is to make sure your website is a lean, mean converting machine.

Stop Wasting More Money...

If you are spending money on paid advertising or trying to build an online presence then you can't afford to throw more time and money away into a bottomless pit of a website.

There is a way to stop the bleeding and turn your website from money waster into money maker.

Our Guarantee.

Our personal guarantee to you is this – if you are not completely satisfied with your Complete Website Consult, Action Blueprint and one hour Q&A phone consultation you just have to say "I am not satisfied and I will not pay", and with no questions asked we will return your money!

Our promise to you is that we guarantee your satisfaction and web business success!


For just $100 we offer a complete website consultation that dissects and covers every inch of your website and sales funnel starting from:

  • Targeted Traffic Sources (SEO - onpage and offpage, SEM getting quality clicks at the cheapest costs)
  • Visitor Analytics (So you know what your visitor does once they reach your site)
  • Multivariate Testing and Conversion Tracking (Always squeezing the most out of what you've got and using real data to get more!)
  • Sales Page Conversion Equation (We will scour your website and test its conversion ability against our Proven 100 Point Checklist)
  • Competition and Market Research (inside details on your direct competition and ways to beat them)

And much more...

Our Complete Website Consult with Action Blueprint will tell you exactly what needs to be done to your website and sales process to get the most out of your online business.

Not only that but for a limited time we are including a 30 minute consultation with our Certified Google AdWords experts to answer any and all questions you might have after reviewing your blueprint.

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